Saturday, March 24, 2012

Facebook & Employment- How this Impacts the Average Jane and Joe

I apologize to everyone for my absence. Between work, class and adjusting to living in the fast paced world of our nation's Capitol, life has become a bit hectic. However I decided to take out some time this morning to write about a topic that has become especially troublesome to me.

According to a news story, employers are now asking prospective employees for their Facebook passwords. I know it sounds crazy (at least to me anyways). However Forbes seems to believe that employers have the right to know as much as they can about prospective employers. However, I am forced to ask... Do employers really have a Right to know Everything about prospective employees?

Some people argue that businesses have the right to not hire lunatics for a position and that even if they didn't have the password anyone can find out what they need to know about someone. However, for me this raises serious questions about privacy issues. For instance, most information on my own Facebook page is blocked to anyone who does not know me personally. This is because although I have no shame in my ethnic background, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation; I like the idea of controlling who knows about my personal life. In addition, with a Facebook password employers can also look through someone's private messages. So, where does it end? Will employers soon be able to look through someone's e-mail? Someone's health records? What about camera's in someone's bedroom?

In response, business owners who support this practice are suggest that if prospective employers don't like the practice, that they should find someplace else to work. Thats the nature of the free market, right? Something these businesses didn't consider was the people who could not afford to not take the job offer? What about the people who are forced to live on the edge because of the economic downturn? This effectively puts the average Jane or Joe at the whim of nosey businesses.