Friday, June 22, 2012

Making the Case for Legal Immigration v. Illegal Immigration

The issue of illegal immigration is huge talking point for Team Obama since the beginning of the election. Obama-crats insist on pegging Republicans as cold, anti- Immigration bigots. That certainly is not the case. It seems that Obama-crats do not seem to understand the difference between LEGAL immigration and ILLEGAL immigration. 

Today, I found a great interview of Marco Rubio by CNN correspondent Wolf Blitzer. Here, Rubio makes it clear that immigration is a corner- stone of American society. However, many Republicans like Rubio understand that illegal immigration is a "serious problem". He recognizes that the only way that American society can prosper is through a system of laws. In the following video Rubio claims that, "a serious balence" is necessary between encouraging legal immigration, curtailing illegal immigration and how the Dream Act hinders this process.

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