Monday, June 18, 2012

Why dis or dish on ANY President?

Like most other mornings, I woke up and made myself a nice cup of coffee. Despite all attempts to follow my usual routine of coffee-news-blog-run to work; this was not like most mornings. I ran into what normally is coffee drinker's worst nightmare; no coffee filters. As a result, I had to resort to extreme measures to get my caffeine kick this morning. Non-the-less, I finally found a way, and can now start my day. More importantly, I finally have the necessary amounts of caffeine to answer a commonly asked question by liberals.

Like yesterday, I found another interesting piece by CNN blogger; Dean Obeidallah. The piece was called, "What's Behind Disssing the President?". His ultimate conclusion is that it is the agenda of right- wing media to undermine the legitimacy of the President by saying that he is "less American" and because of this, is less deserving of the role of President. In short, Mr. Obeidallah is accusing everyone on the right of being racist when that is certainly not the case. Granted, a small group of people on the right may be rascist, but when has is ever been o.k. to judge the many by the few? My argument is that this whole "phenomenon" of dissing the President is not something new.

Before I continue, I would like to make a few things perfectly clear to my readers. If you bothered to read my profile for this blog, you will see that I am currently enlisted in the United States Army. As a consequence, it would be... uncouth for me to outright disrespect the President, as he is my Commander- In- Cheif. However, just as I would criticize any other policy- maker for their policy making depictions and statements made to the public; this is where my critiquing begins and ends. I do believe in his legitimacy in his role as our nation's President and I do not believe that race, religion, ect should play a part in questioning his legitimacy as a leader. So, if you're looking to read about another political writer (another political writer, I mean ME) to disrespect the President; don't waste your time because you wont find that noise here.

Let's turn back the hands of time to let's say... 2001. President Bush takes his seat in the Oval Office and the nation's Left are up in arms. Before the Bush had even made one decision, critiques were already saying that he did not belong there despite a Supreme Court Case (Bush v. Gore) and a vote recount. As time moved forward, the President's approval rating fell further and further and people began to dis him more and more. By some miracle of G-d, Bush came into a second term which ended a little over 4 years ago.

Granted, people on the left and right hated him for a variety of reasons. But the left painted Bush to look something similar to that of the Anti- Christ. I believe this is because of who is in power. If a Republican is in power, the left will attempt to make him look like the worst person imaginable. If a Democrat is in power, the right will do everything humanly possible to de- legitimize their role. This is just the nature of the beast, or in this case politics.

So, why does anyone bother to dis or dish on ANY President? Answer: It's because we live in America.

Here's a video of the famed Obama- Dis I am talking about.

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